Staedtler Professional Watercolor Pencils Review

Review Summary
4.8/5 Our Score
• Phenomenal color intensity
• Opaque finish
• Deep coverage
• Very good for mixing
• Quality color selection
• Expensive

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One of Staedtler's highest quality lines, the Staedtler Professional watercolor pencils are one of the best sets available on the market today.
Color Intensity


Staedtler’s Professional Watercolor pencil line are high-end, premium, water-soluble colored pencils with the blendability of pure silk and a vivid, inky finish with an impressive lightfastness to boot. Up there with Derwent’s Inktense line, these have so much to offer an artist of any level.

Staedtler makes some amazing colored pencils, but their premium line is really something to aspire to. The professional watercolor line features wax-based water-soluble watercolor pencils encased in a hexagonal barrel and manufactured for long lasting performance.

Unlike their lower end pencils, these come in a range of count sets, from a basic (and very affordable) 12 piece, to their full set of 60 premium colored pencils.

Each watercolor set is boxed in a sturdy and creatively designed tin box, while the pencils themselves are lined with a silver-colored band and color-coordinated base depicting the pencil’s lead color.

What They’re Good For

Watercolors always have a wide range of utility because they can be applied dry or wet. This particular brand is great for any level of skill, however due to their hefty price tag, you might want to practice with a cheaper set before taking the plunge. That being said, you can always invest in one of the smaller sets and have zero regrets you did so.

Ratings Breakdown

Staedtler Professional colored pencils are a professional-grade colored pencil comparable to Derwent’s Inktense watercolors. Their smooth, velvety application, easy spread, and opaque finish, they can be used with or without water with amazing, luminescent results. While they are quite expensive, the range of different count sets makes them reasonably priced for their outstanding quality.

Lightfastness 5/5

As a premium grade watercolor, made by a company famous for its excellence in producing professional artist tools, these water-soluble pencils have one of the highest lightfast ratings for a watercolor pencil.

Sturdiness/ Durability 5/5

Designed with a high quality, semi-soft core and fitted into a hexagonal barrel, these pencils are fitted with a break-resistant lead and last very long, even with their dual use. If using with water, the pigment does not dilute easily and has very good coverage. These pencils are not only long-lasting, the art you produce will be long lasting as well.

Binder/ Quality 5/5

Staedtler professional colored pencils are made with a core that is softer than traditional watercolor pencils. They are made this way to improve their performance when used dry and they absolutely do. Because of their unique formula and thicker core, they can lay down thicker applications of pigment, which improves blending and layering.

Color Intensity 5/5

Staedtler’s line of professional watercolors are made with pure pigment, formulated to compose a semi-soft lead that applies rich color and blends into a creamy, opaque color that is easy to spread. Very much like Derwent’s Inktense line, this watercolor has a very inky look and both the colors themselves and their range are very intense and vivid.

Value 4/5

These are priced in the premium price range, but the smaller count sets make them a little more affordable than other premium quality watercolors. Buying a set of premium grade colored pencils however, is an investment and this is a good one because watercolors have dual utility.

Final Verdict

One of Staedtler’s highest quality lines, the Staedtler Professional watercolor pencils are one of the best sets available on the market today. With their expansive range of colors and excellent blending and spreading capabilities, this is one of those colored pencil lines devoid of any fault excepting their price tag.

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