Staedtler Ergosoft Colored Pencils Reviews

Review Summary
3.4/5 Our Score
• Very durable
• Long lasting
• Excellent choice for beginners
• Vibrant color finish
• Very limited color selection
• Expensive

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These colored pencils are a great choice for practicing coloring techniques and are the best quality colored pencils to buy for a beginner's set. Extremely long lasting and deliver great performance.
Color Intensity


Staedtler Ergosoft colored pencils are a unique brand of novice-grade colored pencils a bit similar to Prismacolor’s Softcore line. These are designed with a triangular barrel to improve grip, increase durability, and coated in an A.B.S. coating to reinforce the core.

An excellent choice for beginners, Staedtler Ergosoft colored pencils have the durability of a novice-grade colored pencil and apply like an artist-grade colored pencil.

Available in a limited selection of colors, only 36 total, these are packaged in sets of 12, 24, and 36 colored pencils. Very saturated colors made with pure pigment overrides the fact that these come in a very small color pool.

The Staedtler Ergosoft colored pencils come in a standard cardboard package and even the full version, with the complete set of 36 colored pencils lacks the traditional tin or wooden boxes of their premium lines.

What They’re Good For

Because of their above-average performance and durability, these are very good pencils for beginners, even children. While they are significantly more expensive than a brand like Crayola or Prang, there is a noted difference in pigment quality, finish, and fade resistance.

Designed for sketching, drawing, and minor-league coloring, Staedtler Ergosoft colored pencils are best used for practice purposes. The color laydown itself is very rich, without requiring much pressure, but they are not as easily blendable as artist or premium grade colored pencils- they’re sort of like an elite Crayola brand.

Ratings Breakdown

Made in Germany with a high quality wax-based core, Staedtler Ergosoft are a premium quality novice grade colored pencil designed for long-term use. Their triangular shape and sturdy build make them an ideal tool for children, however they are on the expensive side.

Lightfastness 2/5

Because these are novice grade, they are not very lightfast. That being said, since the quality of the pigment is quite good and the colors are very vibrant, you can use a staying solution with success.

Sturdiness/ Durability 5/5

Everything about these pencils makes them durable. From their thick, 3 mm core, to their sturdy triangular shape, to the ergosoft coating to ensure a controlled grip, these are some of the most durable pencils on the market for their quality. While the core formula is not an artist or premium grade, Ergosoft’s precise grip makes working with coloring techniques very easy. As we said- designed for practice.

Binder/ Quality 3/5

Staedtler Ergosoft colored pencils are made with a thick, wax-based core that lays down very saturated pigment with a rich color selection, even if there are only 36 colors to choose from. These are novice grade, so blending and layering will not come as easily since the core is harder than an artistic grade pencil.

Color Intensity 3/5

Available in 36 eco-friendly color options, the pigment, while very good quality, is not as intense simply because that is the nature of wax-based colored pencils. Colors are quite saturated and application goes on smoothly, but blending or layering can require a bit more work with these.

Value 4/5

Even though these are not part of Staedtler’s line of premium artist and professional grade colored pencils, they still carry a Staedtler price tag. While the price is definitely steeper than their equivalent in other colored pencil brands, these are far more durable, environmentally friendly, and better quality than its competitors. Also, they are safe for child use and an excellent beginner pencil.

Final Verdict

These colored pencils are a great choice for practicing coloring techniques and are the best quality colored pencils to buy for a beginner’s set. Extremely long lasting and delivering a great performance, these are designed for someone practicing long hours. With their super-comfort grip coating and long shelf-life, they can be used and reused for countless use cycles.

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