Prismacolor Verithin Colored Pencils Review

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4/5 Our Score
• Awesome for intricate detail
• Decent color
• Poor blending
• Small color selection

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The Verithin colored pencil is an excellent choice for an illustrator or an artist who does a lot of intricate work.
Color Intensity


Prismacolor makes a colored pencil for artists of every walk of life and their Verithin line caters to those obsessed with fine, crisp detail. Made with a hard wax and thin core, the Verathin colored pencils are reserved for work that requires precision. The harder formula also means that the traditionally intensely bright Prismacolors lose some of their vividness.

Prismacolor’s Verithin colored pencils come in a pretty limited range of 12-36 count packs. The pencils are made with a hard wax and thin core and encased in a California cedar hexagonal barrel. Made for durability and precision performance, the Verathin line is a specialty colored pencil made for highly detailed work.

In terms of performance, this line is a bit challenging to work with if you’re looking to do a lot of blending and layering. The lead is pretty thin, which makes it a bit scratchy and tricky to sharpen.

Verathin colored pencils come in a sleeved case, with minimal protective structure. Prismacolor’s signature tin boxes are reserved for larger sets, but since this line only constitutes 36 colored pencils, they come in a lower quality packaging.

What They’re Good For

The Verithin line was designed specifically for highly intricate work, especially portraiture. Made with a thin, hard core, these colored pencils make sharp, neat lines, and bold outlines. They are also excellent to use as a draft pencil and work exceptionally well for lettering designs.

One thing to keep in mind is that these colored pencils are designed to be used with a finely sharpened point, which means that you will be responsible for finding an adequate sharpener and keeping your point crisp.

Ratings Breakdown

These are not your regular Prismacolor colored pencils. They are a specialized line of colored pencils that serve a specific coloring niche, in this case detailed work. Think of them as the exact opposite of the Prismacolor Art Stix. The latter are made to cover a lot of area, and lack the utility of a highly precise application. The Verithin line, on the other hand, are exclusively useful for intricate work.

Lightfastness 4/5

These are an artist-grade colored pencil and have a much better lightfastness rating since they are made to be used in illustration and portrait work, both which require a certain level of fade resistance. Prismacolor is known for its excellent lightfast rating among its artist and premium grade colored pencils and the Verithin line fulfills the company’s quality expectations. 

Durability/ Sturdiness 5/5

Prismacolor’s Verithin colored pencils are designed with a similar structure as a graphite pencil and as such are quite durable. Since the lead is thinner and made with hard wax, it can be brittle. That being said, Prismacolor made the sharpening angle small, which makes the lead sturdier. The pencils are also encased in a hexagonal barrel, which has been shown to improve grip control. 

Binder/ Quality 4/5

Made with Prismacolor’s signature pigment quality, the Verithin line of colored pencils are slightly less intense than other Prismacolor lines if only because they apply very thin lines of color. The harder wax and permanent sharpened point make the lead a bit scratchy if you attempt to use it beyond its intended niche, so watch out for that. Like many specialized lines of colored pencils, these perform superbly if you use them as they were intended to be used. 

Color Intensity 3/4

These pencils have been criticized for having a semi-sheer finish if you use them over a large area. That being said, these are designed to be used in outlining and drawing fine detail. For the latter purpose, the color intensity remains relative to its use and quite consistent with other  Prismacolor lines. 

Value 4/5

Prismacolor does a great job of keeping its colored pencils within an affordable range and while these are not budget-priced, they come with a mid-range price tag. Their price is quite reasonable given that these can be doubled as a draft pencil. In terms of any complaints about color intensity, you have to remember that these are specialized colored pencils, they are not meant to be used as a regular colored pencil and if you try to use them for that purpose, you are going to be disappointed. For a colored pencil that delivers exceptional precision application, the value is beyond fair. 

Final Verdict

Prismacolor has once again made a great colored pencil with a unique application. The Verithin colored pencil is an excellent choice for an illustrator or an artist who does a lot of intricate work. Those of you who enjoy drawing portraits know that colored pencils can make lousy precision tools. Prismacolor’s Verithin colored pencils are the answer. Make neat, highly detailed drawings, with a sharp, clean finish.

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