Prismacolor Scholar Colored Pencils Review

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4.6/5 Our Score
• Wide range of colors for
grade quality
• Decent color intensity
• Durable
• Budget Priced
• Poor blending
• Cheap packaging

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Scoring a phenomenal, budget-priced colored pencil that also happens to be top quality doesn't get any easier than choosing Prismacolor's Scholar Colored Pencils.
Color Intensity


Prismacolor makes some of the most sought after colored pencils on the market and while they’re not as expensive as other lines of premium-grade colored pencils, the company’s made a line of novice-grade pencils that are affordable to anyone.

The Prismacolor Scholar Colored Pencils can be thought of as a premium set of novice-grade colored pencils. Far more varied in color selection and much higher quality than something like Crayola, these are a great set of pencils to practice with.

While Prismacolor is known for its soft core formula, their Scholar line is made with a semi-hard wax core that is not as yielding to blending and layering.

In terms of packaging, Prismacolors are known for their fun tin containers designed with colorful illustrations. Their budget line of colored pencils are packaged in a simple cardboard packaging. The pencils themselves come in a simple rounded barrel covered in a protective lacquer coating that designates the colored lead within.

What They’re Good For

Prismacolor’s Scholar Colored Pencils are a great choice for a beginner looking for good quality at budget price. Made with a harder wax than their signature Premier Soft Core pencils, this line is a bit more challenging to work with, but is great for teaching proper pressure control as well as extending the life of the colored pencil.

Most novice-grade colored pencils come in basic packs of 12-24 colored pencils, but Prismacolor makes a generous line of 60 colored pencils. Not only does the company make more basic pencils than others, the formula guarantees a decent color intensity, far more superior to any other basic colored pencil line.

Ratings Breakdown

Prismacolor Scholar Colored Pencils are a novice-grade colored pencil made for beginners looking to start off right. Another reason this line is an excellent beginner’s tool is that Prismacolor is an excellent brand to grow with. Honing your skills with their Scholar line is a great way to get used to the Prismacolor brand. While these colored pencils are harder to work with than the premium set, they are exceptional for the beginner.

Lightfastness 3/5

There’s hardly one brand of novice-grade colored pencils with a high lightfastness rating. While the formula for these colored pencils is of the highest quality, lightfastness is not a priority with novice-grade pencils. Prismacolor prefers to put its efforts into a brighter pigment, which in a lower quality pencil is as good as high fade resistance.

Durability/ Sturdiness 5/5

One of the most common complaints regarding Prismacolor pencils is their fragility. While the company has improved everything from the formula to the packaging and shipping of their soft core line, the performance of the pencil relies heavily on that very same feature. The Scholar line is made with a harder wax, which increases the lead’s strength. These pencils are also encased in a sturdy cedar wood barrel.

Binder/ Quality 5/5

Prismacolor’s Scholar line is novice-grade, so the core is a significantly harder than their artist and professional grade colored pencils. That being said, the pencils themselves are very high quality for their grade. In terms of a basic colored pencil, you will be hard-pressed to find something better formulated than Prismacolor’s Scholar line.

Color Intensity 5/5

Prismacolor Scholar Colored Pencils are made with a harder core than Prismacolor’s signature soft core line. Even though these are harder to blend and layer, they still retain the company’s color quality, lending a vibrant, intense finish to your coloring projects. In addition to retaining a good level of color, the brand also has an impressive color selection for a novice grade line.

Value 5/5

This is Prismacolor’s only budget line and boy are you getting good quality for the price. Taking into account that their regular lines are mid-to-high priced, these are incredible value. Prismacolor’s Scholar colored pencils are superior to competing brands in their color availability, quality, and utility. There’s really no going wrong here.

Final Verdict

Scoring a phenomenal, budget-priced colored pencil that also happens to be top quality doesn’t get any easier than choosing Prismacolor’s Scholar Colored Pencils. While they are challenging to work with if you compare them with other lines within the brand, they are amazing for teaching pressure control and a great place to start if you still need to work on perfecting your technique.

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