Prismacolor Col-Erase Colored Pencils Review

Review Summary
4/5 Our Score
• The eraser works
• Pigment quality is still up to
company standards
• Limited color selection
• Not very intense
• Poor blending
• Expensive

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The Prismacolor Col-Erase colored pencils are an excellent line of premium draft pencils. If you start to treat them like colored pencils, you are going to be disappointed.
Color Intensity


Prismacolor makes a fantastic line of colored pencils for every artist. The Col-Erase line are made for projects that need constant reworking and unlike other brands of “erasable” colored pencils, these actually work.

Designed with a unique formula that promises to maintain the intense color and breezy application of Prismacolor’s signature colored pencil line, the Col-Erase pencils have the added advantage of being erasable.

The Col-Erase colored pencils are made with a medium-point core that erases easily despite the fact that colors remain as intense as their non-erasable counterparts. That being said, the quality of the pigment is sustained by limiting the color selection. Col-Erase colored pencils are only available in two sets, a 12-count pack and a 24-count pack.

Encased in a sturdy, hexagonal barrel and equipped with a soft eraser, these are designed like a traditional graphite pencil with the exception of having a colored core.

Not only is the eraser functional, it does not leave residue, allowing you to maintain a neat workspace and clean illustration.

What They’re Good For

Col-Erase colored pencils are better suited to illustrations, animation, and accounting applications. They are made to be erased and only come in 24 total colors, which makes them very specialized for projects involving constant editing and reworking.

While the formula remains Prismacolor quality, the colors are not as intense as the soft core, watercolor, or verithin lines because they are made to be completely erased.

Designed like a drafting pencil, with a thin, semi-hard lead and encased in a hexagonal barrel, these have the feel and utility of a pencil. While they are an excellent pencil for drafting, these cannot be used for coloring projects, unless you use them for the initial project outline.

Ratings Breakdown

Prismacolor’s Col-Erase colored pencils are a unique line of colored pencils made with an erasable lead. These colored pencils are ideal for drafting and illustration work and withhold Prismacolor’s outstanding quality.

Lightfastness 3/5

These pencils cannot be used for coloring and while they are quite vivid for their intended purpose, they are not professional grade colored pencils. They are specialized artist-grade pencils simply because of quality, but even in terms of lightfastness, they do not qualify as a premium-grade pencil. The lightfastness rating for this pencil falls somewhere between more resistant than a regular drafting pencil and far less lightfast than a pencil designed for coloring.

Durability/ Sturdiness 5/5

Since these are designed like a drafting pencil, they are very durable and made to be physically sturdy. True to their purpose, these pencils are designed to be used constantly and live through hours and hours of work. Designed with a hard cedar wood casing and set into a hexagonal barrel, these pencils are made to last.

Binder/ Quality 4/5

Prismacolor Col-Erase colored pencils are designed with a specialized graphite-like lead that allows the colored pigment to be erasable. The fact that Prismacolor has made a colored pencil that actually erases speaks tons of its superior lead quality. However, if you are using these to color (which is not ) their recommended use, you are going to be disappointed because the hardness of the lead makes them difficult to blend and layer.

Color Intensity 4/5

Again, these colored pencils are made to be erased in the context of draft and illustration work. Used for their appropriate purpose, the color intensity is of premium grade. If you were to use these for coloring however, you’ll find that they are not as intense (not nearly) as Prismacolor’s other colored pencil lines.

Value 4/5

Since the Prismacolor Col-Erase colored pencils only come in 24 different colors and have a very specialized use, they come out giving the impression of a very expensive draft pencil. Taking into account that draft pencils normally come in shades of red and blue only, what you’re paying for here is 12 times the color variety than a regular draft pencil. Also, these do as they say- they erase colored lines fully and without leaving residue or rubber marks.

Final Verdict

The Prismacolor Col-Erase colored pencils are an excellent line of premium draft pencils. If you start to treat them like colored pencils, you are going to be disappointed. Regular colored pencils, especially artist and professional grade colored pencils are not meant to be erased with rubber. Therefore, by creating an erasable formula, Prismacolor left some well-loved features out of this line’s formulation. They do make an absolutely outstanding draft pencil though!

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