Lyra Waldorf Selection Colored Pencils Review

Review Summary
3.2/5 Our Score
• Very durable
• Very safe
• Excellent for children
• Poor pigment quality
• Bulky and awkward to work with
• Difficult to sharpen
• Low lightfast rating
• Expensive

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If we only take into consideration their use as a child's tool, then the Lyra Waldorf Selection makes the highest-quality, most-durable, safest colored pencil on the market but for yourself not so much.
Color Intensity


The Waldorf colored pencil selection are designed for children and beginner artists with the exception that they are of much better quality than regular novice-grade colored pencils.

Their unique triangle-shaped barrel and meaty core make for a very durable pencil that doesn’t lack in the quality department either.

The Waldorf colored pencil selection comes in two basic (and some might say, lacking) options: the 6 pack and the 12 pack. With only 12 colors to choose from, most of them standard, there aren’t many options.

Built with a ginormous 6.25 mm core, this brand stands up well to sharpening and does not break easily. It’s unique shape however means that while the pencil core can take a lot of sharpening, finding said sharpener will require some extra steps, as the standard sharpener is round and this pencil is triangular.

Designed for safety as well as durability, these colored pencils come in a standard cardboard box in an unfinished wooden casing.

What They’re Good For

Lyra Waldorf Selection colored pencils were designed for children and serve their purpose very well.

Since they only come in 12 different colors and don’t blend well to produce more variety, these colored pencils are not recommended for artistic use. Also, their sheer size and shape mean that they can be quite awkward to work with.

These colored pencils are excellent for children, not so much for a more sophisticated artistic pursuit.

Ratings Breakdown

Manufactured with non-toxic materials, packaged in a minimalistic cardboard box, and fitted with a stocky 6.25 mm core, these colored pencils are top-notch when it comes to children’s use. But how do they hold up to big-boy colored pencil criteria?

Lightfastness 2/5

While these colored pencils are inarguably long-lasting, the pigment they lay down unfortunately can’t compete with professional or even scholastic grade colored pencils. Then again, nobody’s creating masterpieces with these things.

Sturdiness/Durability 5/5

This is the area where the Waldorf selection shines. These colored pencils will last forever. Resistant to all levels of abuse by the hands of children and equipped with a hefty core, they are the most durable colored pencils on the market. Their triangular shape, in addition to aiding children with grip, is an excellent breakage barrier.

Binder/Quality 4/5

Lyra Waldorf colored pencils are wax-based and manufactured without the use of lacquer. Their core is made with non-toxic materials for safety reasons- we all know kids like to colored pencils in their mouth.

Color Intensity 2/5

Since these are designed primarily with safety in mind, the pigment concentration is poor compared to other novice brand colored pencils. Their bulky size and thick, blunted core also means that laying down and concentrating color can be a challenge.

Value 3/5

Despite the fact that these are novice grade colored pencils that are hard-pressed to serve a purpose beyond a child’s coloring table, they are pretty steep in price, costing as much as a premium colored pencil.

Since they are made with quality, non-toxic materials, the price is worth it, for a child’s use. If you are an adult looking for a quality novice-grade colored pencil for your own use, then you’ll find that these are quite overpriced for their performance.

Final Verdict

 If we only take into consideration their use as a child’s tool, then Lyra Waldorf makes the highest-quality, most-durable, safest colored pencil on the market. That being said, an adult would find the bulky size, poor pigment concentration, and value to be quite useless for more sophisticated coloring techniques.

Great for your kids, not so much for yourself.

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