Faber Castell PITT Pastel Pencils Review

Review Summary
4/5 Our Score
• Oil-free leads (prevents smearing)
• Precise application
• Long-lasting
• Easy to blend and burnish
• Tight control
• Expensive
• Not good for large areas

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While an artist with a specific need for a bright, rich, textured substance will find in a PITT pastel the perfect tool, someone with a more traditional need will find that this pencil is very expensive in both cost and use.
Color Intensity


Faber Castell makes some of the most sought-after colored pencils in the world. If you’ve ever used a pastel, you’ll know what an amazing crayon/oil paint combo they are and the rich, vibrant pieces they create.

Faber Castell’s PITT brand pastel pencils are made with oil-free lead, which means that unlike traditional pastels, they do not leave residue on the skin or most importantly, make it impossible to create a “clean” finish.

Pitt brand pastel pencils are encased in a wooden barrel to make the application of pastel paint neat and precise.

This brand of colored pencil comes in sets of 12, 24, 36 and 60, as well as individually. All pastels are packaged in a convenient tin box, encased in a plain wooden casing with the color swatch stamped on the lower end.

Despite the fact that these are pastels, the pencil design allows precise application and their oil-free formula allows them to last longer than a traditional pastel.

Faber Castell PITT Pastels can be easily blended with anything from the fingers to a brush. They do not dry quickly, allowing for easy blending and burnishing.

What They’re Good For

Pastel paintings are a specialized art in their own; Faber Castell PITT Pastels are the tool that will take your projects to the next level. This company is famous for producing only high-quality professional grade colored pencils and their pastels do not disappoint.

All the qualities you’ve ever criticized in a traditional pastel have been taken into Faber Castell’s professional and infinitely creative design and manufacturing team and made into something you’ll be ecstatic to work with.

Pastels are known for their intensity of color, their creamy application, and rich coverage. These PITT pastel pencils are designed to optimize all these features while giving the artist tight control and precision.

Ratings Breakdown

Faber Castell does not disappoint, even across its wide range of pencil types. The PITT line of pastels are unique in that they are not oil-based. Instead, these are made with a dry pastel formula that prevents messy smudging. Since the lead is also firmer than traditional pastels, this brand sharpens well, catering to pieces with finer detail work.

Lightfastness 4/5

Faber Castell is a company that primarily produces professional-grade colored pencils- also, highly specialized colored pencils. The PITT line falls in this category and like all Faber Castell pencils, retains lightfastness ratings on the higher end. That being said, given the consistency of a pastel and the fact that this formula is a dry blend, burnishing the colors may require the use of a finisher.

Sturdiness/ Durability 3/5

The issue with durability here has more to do with the substance of the pastel lead than the pencil. Pastels are traditionally harder to apply since they tend to be pretty static and require a lot of effort to be spread around. This trait, coupled with the fact that PITT pastels are made with dry pastels means that covering a large area can require a lot of effort and a lot of substance. While the pencils themselves are very durable, they will go fast simply because you’re dealing with a pastel substance and the core is very thin.

Binder/ Quality 5/5

Faber Castell’s PITT pastels are made with a unique dry pastel formula and fitted with a thin core that stands up well to sharpening. The entire structure and formulation of the pencils is designed for detailed work with an otherwise unviable medium. The colors also have a vivid finish and available in a wide spectrum of options.

Color Intensity 5/5

While this brand of pastel is not ideal for spreading over a large area (it tends to fade out or resist movement), it still dispenses very rich, vivid color in very precise points.

Value 3/5

These pastel pencils, like all Faber Castell pencils are in the premium price range because they are premium, professional-grade colored pencils. If you want to compare the PITT pastels to a traditional pastel pencil, then you are physically getting less than you are paying for, with the exception that these are intended for a specialized use. With a traditional pastel, you get a lot of color per unit; with a PITT pastel the color is retained in a very thin core, so you cannot get the same utility out of it as you would with a traditional pencil.

Final Verdict

The PITT pastel line is perhaps one of Faber Castell’s most specialized lines of colored pencils. While an artist with a specific need for a bright, rich, textured substance will find in a PITT pastel the perfect tool, someone with a more traditional need will find that this pencil is very expensive in both cost and use. Think of it like this: Faber Castell’s PITT pastels are a pastel substance with the utility of an oil colored pencil.

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