Derwent Studio Colored Pencils Review

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5/5 Our Score
• Precision grip
• Great for highly detailed work
• Smooth application
• Intense color finish
• Not great for coverage of large areas

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Derwent's Studio colored pencil deserves an overall rating of a perfect five because of its high performance in a very specified niche and while being surprisingly affordable too.
Color Intensity


Derwent is a very smart company in terms of providing artists with a wide range of options within a single line of colored pencil types. Take for example their colored pencils. While most companies settle with one line of colored pencils per type, Derwent makes subtle adjustments, catering to specific preferences.

Derwent’s Studio Colored Pencils are a professional-grade colored pencil stylistically designed for a specific application technique- the sharp strokes and crisp finish of highly detailed pieces.

Derwent basically created a high-performing, widely loved colored pencil core and then placed it inside two different casings- one sold as the Artist line and the other, their Studio line.

The Studio colored pencils are encased in a slim, hexagonal case that allows precision grip and application. The core is slightly thinner than their Artist line, making for a finer sharpened point.

The pencils come in a tin box with a hinge-lid in sets of 12, 24, 36, and 72 colored pencils. They are also sold individually.

What They’re Good For

Derwent designed these colored pencils for precision of application and sharpness of finish. While they’re not great for the actual act of coloring, they are amazing for fine detailed drawing such as that used in graphic design, architectural drawing, and botanical and anatomical drawings.

The black colored pencil is the Studio line’s most sold individual colored pencil and if you’ve ever tried to fill in that eyelash detail on a portrait, you’ll know why.

Ratings Breakdown

Derwent’s line of Studio colored pencils are designed, as the name implies, to be used in the studio. More technical than artistic, their purpose is to create a sharp, precise line- but a colored one.

Lightfastness 5/5

This is a professional-grade colored pencil, so it is designed to resist fading. While lightfastness does change from color to color, Derwent makes pretty consistent colored pencils and all of their lines have an impressive lightfastness rating.

Durability/ Sturdiness 5/5

These colored pencils have a slightly thinner core than Derwent’s regular Artist line of colored pencils. That being said, their hexagonal wooden casing and secure fixative make for a petite, but sturdy pencil. Of course if you use these for coloring (something they are not designed for) you’ll go through them quite fast.

Binder/ Quality 5/5

Derwent’s Studio line is made with the same exact core as their Artist line. This means that they are equally brilliant, equally velvety upon application, and equally lightfast. Since they are slightly thinner than the Artist line however, their lead is secured to a hexagonal casing with a strong fixative to improve durability.

Color Intensity 5/5

These colored pencils are made with a soft, wax core made up of rich pigment concentration. They are just as intensely colored as Derwent’s Artist colored pencils with the exception that they lay less color down at each application given their thinner, more precise core.

Value 5/5

You may purchase these colored pencils individually or in varied sets which makes them fairly affordable. That being said, they are a specialized, professional grade colored pencil so they are in the mid to high price range. The quality of the colored pencil’s core, coupled with the specificity of its design make this pencil worth every penny.

Final Verdict

Derwent’s Studio colored pencil deserves an overall rating of a perfect five because of its high performance in a very specified niche. As a professional grade colored pencil, it is also quite affordable compared to other brands without the specialization.

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