Crayola Twistable Colored Pencils Review

Review Summary
3.4/5 Our Score
• Omits use of a sharpener
• Fun to use
• Okay quality
• Very durable
• Poor pigment quality
• Lack of refillable leads

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Crayola Twistable colored pencils aren't just fun to work with, they are also actually a very good performing colored pencil.
Color Intensity


In true second-grade fashion, let’s get excited about the twisty part! Because to be honest, that is the single difference between this line and the regular ol’ basic colored pencils. Okay, there’re a couple of other cool perks too- let’s take a look at them!

Like their non-twisty counterparts, Crayola Twistables come in a small set range, including a regular 12 set, an erasable 12 set, and an 18 set with a couple of other color options. The color varieties are basically the same as the regular Crayola colored pencils.

The main difference you’ll notice (probably also the sole reason you purchased these instead of the regular) is that these colored pencils are basically an independent colored lead supported by a plastic skeleton that serves up a sharpened point a millimeter at a time once you twist. Other than being tons of fun to use, the twistable version of Crayola colored pencils eliminates both the need for sharpening and the mess of sharpening.

What They’re Good For

Like their non-twistable counterparts, these colored pencils serve basic drawing and coloring purposes. Designed for use in the classroom, they are very durable and with patience, can even be used for basic blending and layering.

The great thing about these pencils, the thing that distinguishes them from the basic colored pencils is that they are twistable, so there’s no need for a sharpener. That being said, this reduces their use for detailed work since the point of the pencil is basically blunt after the first use. Since the core is too thick to accommodate this fault, one can only assume that the pencil was not designed with sophisticated coloring techniques in mind.

Crayola Twistable colored pencils are very portable since their plastic casing is very protective and wood shavings and powdered pigment isn’t an issue. Parents concerned about their children chewing the barrel, here’s your solution.

Ratings Breakdown

Crayola Twistables just go to reinforce Crayola’s practice of creating very practical, budget-friendly products. The Crayola Twistables have their issues, such as the bluntness of their point and the fact that they are not refillable. However, they are very portable, well-performing basic colored pencils.

Lightfastness 1/5

Crayola makes novice-grade colored pencils and while their performance can reach some pretty impressive heights, depending on personal skill, they don’t rate very high on the lightfastness scale.

Sturdiness/ Durability 5/5

Even more so than their non-twistable counterparts, Crayola Twistables are extremely durable. If the company starts providing refillable lead, they’ll practically be infinitely durable. Because of their plastic casing, breaking is impossible and even the lead is quite securely attached and usually doesn’t break within the hollow of the pencil. This is a great colored pencil option for children who like to color en route to places or children who’ve developed a habit of chewing chewable pencils- these are not chewable!

 Binder/ Quality 3/5

Crayola Twistable colored pencils have quite a thick core. They are wax-based pencils with a reasonable amount of pigment concentration and very durable.

Color Intensity 3/5

Compared to other novice-grade colored pencils, Crayola does a very good job of producing a decent colored pencil with okay pigment quality. Since durability isn’t a concern with the Twistables line, the color intensity is notably better than the non-twistable Crayola colored pencils. That being said, they’re not lightfast and blending and layering is a challenge.

Value 5/5

In terms of value, you’re paying for a decent colored pencil with an almost infinite shelf life. That’s a pretty good deal. As a practice pencil, you can’t do better than Crayola. If you want an indestructible, immediately accessible version of Crayola, it’s line of twistable colored pencils is the best value product you can buy.

Final Verdict

Crayola Twistable colored pencils aren’t just fun to work with, they are also a very good performing colored pencil. Compared to regular Crayola colored pencils, there is a marked difference in color intensity as well durability- not that durability was ever an issue.

A couple of major marked differences between the twistable and non-twistable Crayola colored pencil versions is that the latter will allow for detail while the twistables will not (given their blunt point), and that the regular also come in more color varieties than the twistable colored pencils.

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