About Us

What is Pencils Place?

With the reemergence of adult coloring and artistry, we have had lots of friends and family ask us what we thought about certain colored pencils, which ones suit beginners, novices and experts, how to pick a colored pencil set etc.  So in light of answering the same questions over and over again we decide it was time to let our knowledge get into the wild for everyone to see.  Thus PencilsPlace.com was born.  It’s a place for everything Pencils, mainly Colored Pencils.  You will find reviews, opinions, suggestions, guides and recommendations here.  If you have any questions, go to our Contact page and don’t hesitate to reach out.

Who are we?

A couple of artsy types who take pride in our coloring pencil set and have tried and tested almost everything in the market for the quest to find the best and even the most rare ones.

Happy Coloring!